Bad Hair Days Are Over!

As humans, we spend our lives chasing specific feelings and holding on for dear life when we find them. These feelings are what make living in this crazy world all worth it and it reminds us that we’re alive and that we're doing at least a few things right.
For example, have you ever felt the song ‘Dog Days Are Over’ by Florence and the Machine? You might be saying “Yeah, I’ve heard it, but felt it? I don’t know”. Well, it’s one of the few simple things in the world that can make you feel truly and utterly free, where you can just let go and let life without a worry in the world, for an entire 4 minutes and 11 seconds. But after that 4 minutes and 11 seconds ends so does the feeling and you shouldn’t have to listen to a song on repeat 24/7 to constantly have that feeling.
Luckily for you, we have a secret we want to share with you. There is a way to grab onto that feeling and never lose it… without listening to the same song all day every day. It’s called évolis, a hair care brand whose goal is to create products that will diminish all insecurities related to thinning, brittle, damaged, aging hair. Now I get that most probably can’t possibly fathom how a hair care brand can make someone feel so free and on top of the world, but the simple answer is, that’s a life without insecurity. Most people underestimate how freeing it is to let go of insecurity and have no worries weighing on your shoulders, but évolis has mastered this concept.
évolis is about self-confidence, regardless of gender, age, or stage, helping bring an end to bad hair days. Whether your insecurities stem from thinning hair, hair length/breakage, or scalp sensitivity having the right routine can help rectify those issues.

évolis Reverse:

Thinning hair can be a result of multiple internal and external factors such as hormonal imbalance, stress/anxiety, nutrient deficiencies, or even extreme hair care but the main cause is genetics. Genetics is sadly something that we don’t have a say in, but the world of hair care has made massive strides to provide you with affordable products that will help give you real results. Whether it’s a thinning part, receding hairline, or loss of density the idea that we are losing a vital part of our external appearance can cause a deep-rooted insecurity that seems almost silly to be so concerned about. Well, we're here to tell you that no insecurity is silly, it’s real, and realizing that your insecurities are yours and yours only, makes taking that next step to break the hold they have on you that much easier.
The évolis Reverse line was developed by hair biologists, recommended by hairstylists, and validated by real users to help restore your hair to its former glory and reverse hair thinning. All products in the Reverse line are formulated with FGF5-blocking botanicals (Sanguisorba Officinalis, Rosa Multiflora, and Swertia Chirata) plus active ingredients such as Keratin and Wheat Proteins which add thickness and volume to reverse the signs of aging hair.

With the Reverse Three Step System, you get three unique products that work collaboratively to treat thinning, brittle hair. The Reverse Activator is a potent, proprietary blend of antioxidants and plant actives that reduces hair shedding and improves hair density. The added keratin and wheat protein strengthen and fortify each strand to strengthen fine and brittle hair.

The Reverse Shampoo contains the same proprietary blend to gently cleanse your hair and scalp while instantly lifting the roots, visibly increases hair density for fuller, thicker hair, provides effortless volume, while protecting and cleansing the scalp, and stimulates hair follicles without any harsh chemicals.

The Reverse Conditioner is a lightweight formula that won’t weigh down fine hair, transforms hair quality, texture, and shine, gently conditions to protect strands while natural actives work to reverse thinning hair, and increases hair density to fortify your hair structure against damage or breakage. To help further treat the brittle, dry side effects of thinning hair the Reverse Mask is a weightless deep conditioning treatment enriched with antioxidants to protect against damage and amplify volume and shine. Restoring your once full and thick locks can be in the cards with the right regimen and a life without insecurity is more than possible.

évolis Promote:

Watching your hair growth come to a screeching halt can be not only frustrating but insanely discouraging. Due to similar causes as hair thinning such as excess stress, aging, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, genetics, or even excess heat/styling and split ends, there is no definitive answer on why our hair won’t grow like Rapunzel’s. Creating a healthy routine is always a good place to begin, by reducing the amount of heat on your hair, using minimal lightweight products, routine haircuts, and using protective hairstyles/accessories that are specific to your hair type. Falling into a new routine can be tricky and can seem ultimately impossible but transitioning with an easy everyday change can make the new normal seem not so scary.

évolis Promote Three Step System is that not-so-scary transition that your hair and confidence will benefit from. The Promote line does exactly that, promotes, longer, stronger, healthier hair with their breakthrough lengthening regimen. All products in the Promote line are formulated with FGF5-blocking botanicals (Sanguisorba Officinalis, Rosa Multiflora, and Swertia Chirata) plus active ingredients such as Baobab, nature's moisture miracle, that protects hair from future aging while conditioning and hydrating for luscious lengthy locks.

With the Promote Three-Step System, you get a game-changing combination that will help restore your split ends, breakage, and stunted hair growth. The Promote Activator is a daily treatment that delivers a concentrated dose of antioxidants and plant-based actives directly to the follicles to support hair health and growth.

Promote Shampoo is ideal for medium, thick, textured, and curly hair and naturally hydrates and revives dry and damaged hair, transforms texture, condition, and overall hair quality, moisturizes strands to reduce split ends and breakage, and tames frizz & boosts shine.

Promote Conditioner is a rich, creamy formula that penetrates to the core to deeply nourish strands, increasing strength and elasticity. Baobab envelopes each strand in a weightless barrier to protect it from environmental damage and heat styling. You can accompany this three-step system with the Promote Mask, a rich, moisturizing treatment to instantly revive dry, damaged, and over-processed hair. It can act as an overnight treatment to reduce split ends and prevents breakage, tame frizz and improves manageability, strengthen fragile, thin hair with keratin and wheat proteins, and reduce split ends & prevent breakage for longer, stronger hair. Dissolve frustration and fall back in love with your hair because it’s never too late to transform insecurity into confidence.

évolis Prevent:

What most don’t know is that scalp care is hair care. Nurturing and caring for your scalp not only determine the health and condition of your hair but also prevent diseases of your scalp and hair. Your scalp works tirelessly to encourage hair growth and regulate oil production, so scalp care isn't important just for those suffering from dandruff or scalp itchiness, it's for everyone. The correct scalp care can promote healthy hair growth, this is because if your scalp is not cared for, your hair growth will be slowed, and the hair that does grow may be more fragile and prone to breakage. Scalp care can also unclog hair follicles and remove dead skin cells, regulate oil production, and eradicate irritation, itching, flaking, and redness. Now we know there’s already skincare, hair care, and even self-care now you have to add in scalp care to your routine as well, well that’s just too many! The best part about scalp care is that it is so easy to work into your hair care routine because so many of the steps overlap to create healthy, happy hair.
The évolis Prevent Three Step System was designed to answer the needs of the most sensitive, delicate, or easily irritated skin types. Developed by hair biologists and powered by natural actives such as green tea and rosemary and supercharged with antioxidant Mangosteen, it soothes a dry and flaky scalp, while preserving the hair you already have. This system will not only protect your existing hair follicles but further increase overall hair health by creating a clean base on your scalp.

The Prevent Activator is a vital step for your new venture into the world of scalp care, with powerful botanicals guarding your hair against signs of aging such as thinning, scalp irritation, and weakened strands while antioxidants protect against damaging free radicals. This treatment preserves your hair’s youthful appearance resulting in a healthy, thick, and lustrous head of hair.

Shampoo is naturally designed to already target your scalp and roots, but Prevent Shampoo is developed by hair biologists with a lightweight formula to leave hair clean and full of body with natural antioxidants and essential oils to protect and preserve youthful hair. Recommended by hair stylists to effectively cleanse, eliminate oils and build-up on the scalp, and transforms hair texture, condition, and overall hair quality within 90 days.

Prevent Conditioner helps to later the strands you are actively trying to protect through scalp care. It prevents signs of hair aging such as hair loss, thinning, brittle strands, and dullness, restores hair health and youth for incredible shine, and conditions without weighing down fine hair. It also has antioxidants for hair health, maintains hair youth for a thick, healthy head of hair, and gently conditions for increased manageability and shine. The cherry on top for a new and improved hair/scalp care routine!

The main part of insecurity that makes us feel so cornered is the lack of control, thinking that we don’t have a say in how these insecurities take the front seat in our daily thoughts. When you take the wheel of self-doubt you realize that it’s really not that scary. A little change in routine is all it takes to really start feeling like yourself again. It’s a crazy concept if you really think about it, that gaining control is what lets you let go and be free. Knowing that no external or, maybe even in this case, internal aspects can take control away from you, and lets you live life a little bit freer than you were before. So now is the time to create your own song ‘Bad Hair Days Are Over’ and let it play on repeat all day long while shopping at é!