So, you want long locks ?

Achieving long, lustrous locks can prove to be difficult. But don’t stress, we have some tried and tested tricks to help you achieve the hair of your dreams.


Hair breakage is one of the key reasons we are often challenged with growing hair longer. The ends of your hair are especially prone to breakage as we subject them to years of heat styling, brush/comb friction, chemical treatments and sun damage.

If you want longer hair, you need to start taking better care of it. Here are some tips on how you can achieve the long hair you’ve always wanted:

Beat the Heat
Excessive heat can burn your hair, literally breaking down the internal structure, resulting in frayed ends. Want to keep your hair growing longer and stronger? Limiting your heat exposure is key.
Become BFFs with Your Hair Stylist
If you are prone to split ends, use a deep treatment mask at least once a week to hydrate and avoid breakages.
Take Extra Care with Wet Hair!
Your hair is in its most fragile state when it is wet. Try to be gentler when detangling with a brush or comb. The Wet Brush is a brilliant tool to effectively detangling without excessive pulling.
Say NO to Silicone!
Silicone does a great job of coating the hair cuticle, temporarily smoothing hair and enhancing shine and softness. But, too much silicone can prevent your strands from receiving the necessary balance of moisture to keep hair soft and supple.


Our Treatment masks are silicone-free and formulated with Baobab, proven to rehydrate parched strands. Use the treatment once a week and see an immediate difference! The ends of your hair will be healthy with less fly-aways and breakage.

Healthy Hair Starts at the Roots!

Failure to take proper care of your scalp and the living follicles on your head can lead to future hair challenges. Treat your scalp like you would your skin. Keep your scalp moisturised, protected from environmental damage, limit follicle stress caused by tight hair styles and choose a hair care system that focuses on scalp health!

The évolis Professional collection of hair care is formulated with real working natural actives that support a healthy hair life cycle and feature anti-oxidants to protect against environmental stresses. Choose your system at here