The best treatment for your hair type

Knowing how to treat and manage different hair types comes down to an understanding of the structure and biology of the hair. At évolis we employ world renowned hair scientists who have worked on formulations that have been meticulously perfected for over ten years.


Want to know how we can help? See below…

If you have… Thick, Textured Hair
Thicker, curly and wavy hair types are often in need of a boost of moisture.


To combat frizzy hair and unruly strands, the hair needs to be hydrated and conditioned.

The évolis Professional PROMOTE range is a hair lengthening system that has been proven to lengthen hair by 20%*. Enriched with the hydrating power of nature’s moisture miracle, Baobab, PROMOTE works to deeply condition and nourish hair strands to prevent against split ends and breakages.

*In a blinded, placebo- controlled clinical study of 32 men and women conducted by AMA Labs New York

If you have… Fine, Straight Hair
Those with fine hair often find it hard to maintain volume and texture throughout the strands.


Deep conditioning or dense styling products will be too heavy and weigh the hair down, making it appear lank and greasy.

Instead, look out for lightweight, volumising products, free from silicones and sulfates, that will cleanse your strands without overloading them.

évolis Professional PREVENT is a specialised hair care system that works to counteract the signs of hair aging before they even occur.

The PREVENT line is enriched with the supercharged, antioxidant packed extract mangosteen, which works to heal damaged cells and fight free radicals in order to maintain a healthy and nourished scalp.

If your hair is…Thinning
Have you noticed extra hairs left behind on your pillow or more hair coming out in your brush?

Fine or thinning hair needs a lot of TLC. You want preserve the quality of the hair that is left, while still giving life and volume to the hair.

The évolis Professional REVERSE hair care range, is a hair restoration system, designed to reverse the signs of hair aging and increase the number of growing hair follicles for noticeably fuller hair. Formulated with strengthening keratin and wheat proteins, REVERSE works to decrease hair fall, increase hair volume and the overall health of the hair.