Why you need a hair supplement in your diet

The health of your hair is a reflection of your physical health. Any kind of deficiency in our diet can lead to hair loss, thinning and dryness. Hair thrives on proteins, zinc, and B vitamins which support hair growth and healthy hair structure.  

If you’re not getting enough nutrients from your diet, then a supplement will help to fill in those gaps and assist you in building thicker, healthy hair. 

So, what should you look for in a supplement?  

With the hundreds of hair supplements on the market it can be difficult to know what’s what. Many products claim they help improve hair health and texture but there are little to no ingredients that support this.  

Fear not, we have compiled a list of ingredients that are proven to help with building healthy hair and structure. Next time you’re are out browsing be sure to check these ingredients on the back label:  

Ashwagandha: Withania somnifera Dunal (ashwagandha, WS) is an adaptogen widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medical system of India. It’s known to decrease stress-induced damage and has been shown to reduce cortisol (the body’s stress hormone) that directly disrupts the hair cycle and prevents hair follicle cells from regenerating new hair.  

Zinc: Zinc is a critical micronutrient for life, but is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies found in men and women, particularly vegetarians and vegans. Low zinc levels are associated with hair loss and hair changes 

Vegan Vitamin D3: Vitamin D deficiency is becoming more common in men and women. A powerful hormone that impacts mineral metabolism, vitamin D is also critical for hair follicle function and hair cycle health. Hair loss is commonly associated with vitamin D deficiency 

Vitamin B6: B6 is important for replenishing neurotransmitters that can be depleted because of stress and anxiety. B6 supplementation has been shown to have a positive impact on individuals under high stress levels. 

Biotin: Vitamin B7 is important for energy generation in the hair follicle. Biotin deficiency is linked to hair loss, skin rashes and brittle nails. Biotin supplementation has been shown to improve alopecia in those with biotin deficiency.   

Saw Palmetto: A botanical extract from the berries of the Serenoa repens dwarf tree. Saw palmetto fights androgen induced hair loss and androgen sensitivity in men and women by preventing the creation of DHT. 

The game changer

With over 10 years experience in hair technology, we took our expertise in helping people improve their hair health by creating a first of its kind vegan ingestible 'let there be hair'.

This hair health supplement contains only proven ingredients and is 100% natural and vegan. let there be hair helps: 

  • Reduce stress levels and fight the effects of cortisol whilst protecting against stress induced hair challenges. 
  • Replenish vitamins and minerals by rebalancing deficiencies in key nutrients associated with hair thinning. 
  • Protect the hair follicles against hormones, ageing and genetic hair cycle changes.

One key element about this supplement is, it can be taken in conjunction with our professional and hair loss ranges so you can take a holistic approach to your hair health. 

The journey to youthful healthy hair starts here.

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