5 tips to keep hair healthy in winter

As we wave goodbye to summer and say hello to the cooler months, it’s important to realise that hair scalp, much like the rest of the body, undergoes a lot of stress as a result of the cold. Whilst you could simply put on a beanie and go about your day, there are a few other ways you can help keep your scalp and mane healthy and still tackle the elements head on.
  • Stay Hydrated
    If you’re dehydrated on the inside, this is likely to show on the outside. Drink plenty of water to help keep both your scalp and hair moist and hydrated and eradicate dry ends and lifeless roots in the process. Believe it or not, the winter months often have much drier air than the summer ones, so it’s important to think about hydration all year round!
  • Protect, Protect, Protect!
    Wet, cold and frosty winters can take a toll on your scalp and hair. If you’re out and about, consider covering your hair with a scarf or hat to keep it shielded from the weather. Just make sure you don’t wear either too tight, restricting the circulation to your scalp.
  • Don’t Leave Home with Wet Hair
    Make the effort to dry your hair before going outside. Whether you dry it on a gentle heat with a hairdryer or let it dry naturally, you are salvaging wet hair from tangling and the risk of breakage.
  • Trim Regularly
    Whether your hair is long, short of in between, the harsh effects of winter can make the ends of your hair extra dry and brittle. By trimming your hair on a regular basis, you’ll reduce the chance of split ends and keep it in overall better condition.
  • Don’t Over-Style!
    Try to limit your use of styling tools including hairdryers and curling wands, as the intense heat can dry out your hair and scalp prematurely, increasing the risk of damage.

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