Unveiling the dirt on clean beauty

Clean Beauty. It’s a term you might have heard recently. But, what does it actually mean and how can it impact your beauty routine?


We’re constantly told to make healthy decisions in terms of what we put into our bodies. But have you ever sat back and thought about what you put on your body?

Well, the Clean Beauty revolution relishes in that very concept. The truth is, more than 50% of what you apply to your skin makes its way into your blood stream. Pretty freaky, isn’t it? Especially considering we are often unaware of what ingredients are found in our beauty products.

So where do you begin?
Cleaning up your beauty routine and making the switch to nontoxic products is a step toward a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle. You wouldn’t feast on toxic chemicals, so why would you risk putting them on your scalp and body only to be absorbed into your bloodstream?


It’s time to start small and work your way up. Much like the rest of your skincare routine, the scalp also absorbs a large percentage of what you apply to it. Fortunately, when using évolis Professional, you can rest assured that all the ingredients you find are clean, naturally-derived and always good for you.

But you’re probably wondering what nasties you should be checking for…

Ingredients you should avoid
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Sulphates
  • Polyethylene
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Silicones
It’s easy to make the step and join the Clean Beauty revolution. Awareness is the key and being informed and knowledgeable are a must! There are a lot of tactics that beauty companies use to sell products with no strict guidelines on what they can advertise on their products, so it’s wise to take words like “organic” and “natural” with a grain of salt. The safest way to stay clean is to always flip the box and see what you are using- ingredients don’t lie.


Make the switch today, your body will thank you for it!